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The Design Department offers complete solutions that comply with the requirements and realities of the society.

Zenessis is looking for permanent innovation and product development in accordance with international standards.

We are inspired by our clients demands, trying to create products with maximum efficiency and life span. Our products are designed to withstand the harshest of environments whether it is about the high temperatures in the middle of Africa or the  excessive cold conditions in outlying Siberia.

Our projects are dedicated to various applications. Thus,we design for use in the following applications:


* Health
* Military
* Residential
* Industrial
* Data Center
* Telecommunication

Before purchasing electric generators, it is important to establish the exact needs of the consumer as well as the location where  they are desired to be placed. The size of an electric current generator is achieved by the design department, taking into account all essential parameters of your project.

These generator sets produce single-phase and three-phase power.

The three phase generators are designed to produce a voltage of 230 / 400 V (for Romania) and the single phase generators are designed to produce a voltage of 230 V.

The diesel generator sets are recommended due to their long life span and low operating cots.Diesel generator sets are silent becaus eof the low speed (1500 rpm) and their maintenance is simple and easily achieved.

Also, the yield given by diesel generator sets is commonly 30% higher than the yield given by gasoline generators.

The power generators sizing is an important element when choosing the otimum current generator.Our recommendation is the following: a current generator used for continuous operation mustn’t work with a load of less than 40% of the maximum power that can be supplied, optmum charge being between 50% and 70%.

The closed generators (canopy versions) are designed to be installed outside. These types of generators don’t require to be fixed on a concrete platform because they are equipped with adjustable mounts which provide protection aganist vibration that may occur during the operation.

The generator setscan be installed inside, also; in this case it is necessary to make adduction slots and air & smoke exhaust. Due to the increased efficiency of the diesel engines, these electric generators also can operate in cogeneration, providing at the same time both electricity and thermal energy!

Baudouin , new motors in our portfolio
Starting with 2017, Endress Group Romania introduces in it’s portfolio of produced current generators, the Moteurs Baudouin products.
Next generation of Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller
The new modules of InteliLite AMF 20/25 range can be used for the command and control of the gen-sets, for the ONSITE working, but for OFFSITE working, too. These can be remotely commissioned and controlled , but can be monitored through its own server.
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