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1927 is the year when Zenessis designs and manufactures the first  generator with a heat engine. Thus, with an experience of 80  years, Zenessis  is one of the leading suppliers of generator sets (power generators).

Over time, needing to provide clean energy solutions, Zenessis has developed a number of projects and products in the following areas:

* cogeneration;

* wind energy;

* biogas;

* small hydrocentrals;

* solar panels;

* uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).


At the  present, for all ofits projects and products, Zenessis is able to offer you:


* project and design;
* research and development;
* production and installation;
* service and spare parts;
* remote monitoring and efficiency;

For Zenessis knowing to provide viable alternative energy solutions, means to succeed:


 * to assess the user’s needs, the production activities, considering the processes that are used, their size, as well as further development plans.


 * to identify natural resources or alternative energy supply, including the resources generated by the user's own work.


* to identify and optimize the possible exchange of energy with the distribution network.


* to optimize the user’s technical and human resources, as well as raw materials, to be able to get as low as possible production costs.


* to provide the latest technology in this field, in accordance with international market trends.Zenessis has managed to implement all of the criteria listed, in its policy development and therefore offers its clients professional solutions in production and energy management.

Endress Group Romania was founded in 2002, aiming to provide energy solutions on the East-European market. Endress Group Romania designs, manufactures and installs "Energy Solutions", with design and production capacities in Germany, Werner von Siemens str. 3, D-72661 Grafenberg and in Bocsa, Caras-Severin County, Romania.

Endress Group Romania produces power generators and uninterruptible power suplly(UPS) under the brand ZENESSIS! At the same time we develop and implement alternative solutions on the market for the production of electric current: solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, small hydrocentrals.

If you have problems with the supply of electric current, that means you need generator sets and what’s important is the fact that these generators, that you want to purchase, must matchexactly your needs.

Endress Group Romania produces generators with power ranging  from 1 up to 5000 kVA & uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with power ranging between 1-1000 kVA.

In our offer you can find professional single phase and three generator sets, poweered by gasoline, diesel, biodisel or gas, with automatic or electric start, canopy versions, soundproof & waterproof.

Zenessis power generators are sold in all regions of the world and they are EC certified.At the same time, our company is certified ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001 & ISO 27001.

Baudouin , new motors in our portfolio
Starting with 2017, Endress Group Romania introduces in it’s portfolio of produced current generators, the Moteurs Baudouin products.
Next generation of Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller
The new modules of InteliLite AMF 20/25 range can be used for the command and control of the gen-sets, for the ONSITE working, but for OFFSITE working, too. These can be remotely commissioned and controlled , but can be monitored through its own server.
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