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    Excellence in enginnering and innovation is what sets us apart.

Each current generator or UPS (uninterruptible power supply) reperstents our experience in engineering that together with innovative production methods ensure power supply systems with an outstanding quality and reliability.

Our test center includes test benches for electric and mechanical power, load tests and noise level tests

The vibration levelin the mechanical and electrical parts is also tested and verified, shock absorbers being in a continuous process of improvement and development.

We test the corossion rezistance of the metallic parts and the paint quality. The standard or residential mufller (silencer) is tested and improved, too.


Products validation

Before being delivered to the customer, the testing team checks and tests the prototypes afernte to the serial products and also each product separately, ensuring their compliance with the project, with the technical specifications and the  legislative requirements.


The products are both tested in resistive load and mixed resistive and inductive load.


There are simulated the operating conditions of the power supply equipment in various environments. We monitor their behaviour depending on: temperature variation, atmospheric pressure variation, wind and blizzard variation.


Every product leaves the test line with a unique series and a performance testing sheet, obtained in this procedure.


Photo Gallery
Baudouin , new motors in our portfolio
Starting with 2017, Endress Group Romania introduces in it’s portfolio of produced current generators, the Moteurs Baudouin products.
Next generation of Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller
The new modules of InteliLite AMF 20/25 range can be used for the command and control of the gen-sets, for the ONSITE working, but for OFFSITE working, too. These can be remotely commissioned and controlled , but can be monitored through its own server.
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