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Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation

Behind each concept – production system of the power reserve, generating set, current generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS)- there is a team of highly skilled engineers, enthusiastic and dedicated to serve the customers’ needs.

Our team is composed of: sales engineers, project managers, design engineers,   electromechanic engineers , supported by experienced technicians, available to ensure the delivery and the installation of yours equipment.


We use the latest simulation and design technique software applications that can provide to the customers detailed cspecific solutions, that are validated before production, offering maximizing of the resources and the minimization of the costs.


The Development Department is constantly in touch with the Technical University of Stuttgart and from Timisoara, claiming invention and innovation projects.


The passion and the desire for improvement is our daily slogan.

All these concerns have led to innovations in the field of energy applications, the most recent being: Bypass panel - Endress patented invention – OSIM patent 0010/2012.

Baudouin , new motors in our portfolio
Starting with 2017, Endress Group Romania introduces in it’s portfolio of produced current generators, the Moteurs Baudouin products.
Next generation of Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller
The new modules of InteliLite AMF 20/25 range can be used for the command and control of the gen-sets, for the ONSITE working, but for OFFSITE working, too. These can be remotely commissioned and controlled , but can be monitored through its own server.
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