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Diesel genset ESE 385 TP

Diesel genset ESE 385 TP
Power (kVA)(ESP / PRP)
385 / 350
Power (kW)(ESP / PRP)
308 / 280
Standard voltage (V)
400 / 230
Power factor (cos phi)
Amperage (Amp)

Diesel genset ESE 385 TP


The current generator on diesel ESE 385 TP  produced by Endress Group Romania under Zenessis brand, equipped with PERKINS motor type 2206A-E13TAG2, alternator Mecc Alte ECO38-3L/N and control system DSE 7320 / ComAp AMF25, which provide generator starting, the control of parameters, in automatic or manually working. The generator can be provided with remote control and monitoring, as well as other options. The guarantee of the Zenessis current generators is 36 months, for a limit of 2000 operating hours.



♦ Diesel Motor

♦Control panel & comand with measurements & control devices, metallic, protection grade IP 54

♦Static load for battery

♦Dynamic alternator for batteries load

♦Thermal heater with comand for cooling liquid

♦Starting battery overdimensioned

♦Stopping button for emergency

♦Chassis with fuel tank dimensioned for 8 h authonomiy

♦Vibration dampers

♦Fuel level measuring device

♦Electrical paths protected piping & cable gland

♦Residential muffler

Protection for hot components 





♦ Alternator ( generator) sinchronous, autoexcited, 4 poles, brushless, overdimensioned.

♦ Protection class H

♦ Protectie grade IP23

♦ Excitation system provided with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), which adjusts the out voltage permanently ± 0,5%





Comand module DSE 7320 / ComAp AMF 25

Static load battery

Stop button for emergency , for circuits control


♦ Parameters displayed:
Engine: engine speed; oil pressure; coolant temperature; running time; battery voltage; must perform engine maintenance;
Generator: voltage (L – L, L – N); current (L1 – L2 – L3); frequency; grounding current; kW; Pf; kVAr; kWh,kVAh, kVarh; phase sequence.
Main network: voltage (L – L, L – N); frequency.

♦ Circuit protection
Warnings: charging failure; battery under voltage; stop failure; low fuel level indicator – optional; overload kW; negative phase sequence.
Pre-alarms: low oil pressure; engine high temperature; engine low temperature; under / over speed; generator under / over frequency; generator under / overvoltage; ECU warning.
Stops: startup failure; emergency stop; low oil pressure; engine high temperature; low coolant level; under / over speed; generator under / over frequency; generator under / overvoltage; oil pressure sensor open; phase reversal.
Electric shock: grounding; overload kW; generator over current; negative phase sequence.  



Made of powder-coated galvanized steel, soundproofed, waterproofed. It has modular design with interior access doors. The silencer is residential, mounted in the housing and ensures noise levels in accordance with Directive 2000/14/EC. Access doors are equipped with locks.
1. Steel structure, fuel tank included; the housing is made of powder-coated galvanized steel, soundproofed
2. Emergency stop button
3. The control panel is mounted on the chassis; located to the right of the generator
4. Corrosion-resistant locks & hinges
5. The oil can be evacuated by means of a valve and a hose
6. Exhaust system inside the chassis
7. Large access doors for easy maintenance
8. In the front & back – large access doors for easy maintenance
9. Chassis –fuel tank
10. Lifting points by crane
11. Access to the radiator cap –on the housing cover
12. Noise mitigating materials / soundproofing
13. Air intake / exhaust grills  



♦ Electrical panel anti-condensation heating system

♦ Fuel / oil heating system

♦ Coolant heating circulation pump

♦ Oil drain pump

♦ Remote monitoring & control system

♦ AAR load transfer panel, 3/4 poles, electromechanical or motorized

♦ CB protection switch,3/4 poles, electromechanical or motorized

♦ Bypass panel – ENDRESS patented invention– OSIM patent 0010/2012

♦ Remote radiator

♦ Trailer

♦ Increased tank for 12 or 24hrs autonomy

♦ External tank with transfer pump

♦ Command module synchronized with the network or several generators

♦ Over-soundproofed housing, 65 dB at 7 m  



Power (kVA)(ESP / PRP) 15 / 12
Power (kW)(ESP / PRP) 11,6 / 10,4
Speed(rpm) 1500
Standard voltage (V) 400 / 230
Power factor (cos phi) 0,8
Amperage (Amp) 20
Power (kVA)(ESP / PRP) 550/500
Power (kW)(ESP / PRP) 440/400
Speed(rpm) 1500
Standard voltage (V) 400/230
Power factor (cos phi) 0.8
Amperage (Amp) 721.7
Power (kVA)(ESP / PRP) 250 / 230
Power (kW)(ESP / PRP) 200 / 184
Speed(rpm) 1500
Standard voltage (V) 400/230
Power factor (cos phi) 0,8
Amperage (Amp) 331
Baudouin , new motors in our portfolio
Starting with 2017, Endress Group Romania introduces in it’s portfolio of produced current generators, the Moteurs Baudouin products.
Next generation of Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller
The new modules of InteliLite AMF 20/25 range can be used for the command and control of the gen-sets, for the ONSITE working, but for OFFSITE working, too. These can be remotely commissioned and controlled , but can be monitored through its own server.
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